Welcome to Windy Ridge Veg Ltd

Windy Ridge are proud to announce we have received funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development via the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) to support the continued growth of our business. The funding was approved via the Wash Fens Local Action Group. 

Below are the project details: 

  • Project name – Modernisation of Farm Buildings to Support Business Growth 
  • The source of the funding : European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 
  • A description of the activity supported by the project : Modernisation of farm buildings to support higher standards of farm and produce assurance to support our business growth. This project will allow the creation of new jobs.


We are a family owned and run vegetable farm on the outskirts of Boston in the fertile, flat, vegetable growing area of Lincolnshire which is the largest vegetable growing area in England producing the majority of the vegetables for the country.

Three generations of Nundy’s have been living at and working from the same site for over 70 years from relatively small beginnings where vegetables, livestock and arable crops were all grown on a small scale. The business is now run by Mark Nundy with his father (Mick) and mother (Carol).

The business started to specialise solely in vegetables in 1971. The philosophy of the business initially was to grow and market quality vegetables 52 weeks of the year. This became a specialist operation concentrating on cauliflower, various cabbages and British sprouts developing knowledge and experience every year.

Twenty-Five years ago seed companies were developing hybrid varieties of some of these brassicas (family of leafy vegetables) to improve appearance, taste and uniformity and wanted to trial these new hybrids on our farm and participate in developing and growing of these. This has led to European recognition in the seed industry for trialing and developing varieties for many of the seed companies worldwide and being recognised as expert growers in this area hosting European brassica open days on our farm for the major seed companies.

The commercial growing side has also changed significantly with our ever changing consumer demands for fresh, local produce and the changing climate which is getting more temperate with temperatures on average increased by 5 degrees centigrade in the winter.

This has led to a variety of crops such as cauliflower to be grown a full 12 months on the farm providing our customers with a year round supply of produce.

The business is quite unique in some ways in the current market as we are directly in control of every part of the raising, growing, harvesting and marketing of our products, which in turn gives confidence and traceability of our produce to all our customers. These vary from farm shops, restaurants and markets to wholesalers, food processors and the catering trade.

The location is geographically ideal for growing vegetables and transporting to any part of the UK and Europe.

Recent and future projects include joining the Select Lincolnshire brand which is an organisation to promote the produce our county has to offer to the rest of the UK and more research and development with customer needs and new and exciting vegetables being developed.